Photo of spring rolls, fries, coleslaw

Neighbours and Flavours: A Spring Roll Twist?

Spring Rolls loaded with…

Mac and Cheese?

Jerk Chicken?

Butter Chicken?

Well, these are SOME of what the Spring Loaded Food Truck has to offer. This year, we are happy to have Spring Loaded Toronto as one of our featured food trucks for this years festival on June 8th, from 11am-7pm.

Chef Nal, owner and founder of Spring Loaded Toronto, is a chef by trade, and the creativity of his business came from recreating what has been done already, and adding some intense flavour. When he came up the idea of Spring Loaded, he wanted to

“…infuse the wheel. Why build a new one?”

This meant, he didn’t want to make something new, he wanted to be able to create something special and offer something meaningful to the community. Most importantly, he wanted to own a food truck so he could cross it off of his bucket list. He decided to infuse all cultural background flavours that we have here in the city, and stuff it into spring rolls.

“Think of it as a Spring Roll, in burrito size” he said.

Some of the flavours he offers include apple pie, philly cheese steak, piri piri, smores, cajun shrimp, cookie dough, and MANY MANY more. He tries to change up the menu at all events so his supporters are always able to try something new.

When Chef Nal was asked about what community means to him, he told us

“Community is helping each other out through the good and the bad. A community is strong when they support you.”

He explained that many of the other food truck owners he knows are extremely family oriented and believe in the support from their community or else it would be much harder to strive. He said that working as a community makes it much easier to push through the long days, hard work, and intense prep.

Spring Loaded Toronto, their unique truck, and their unique flavours are all the reasons they were specifically chosen to be at this years ESBGC Annual Food Truck Festival.

Check out some of the pictures we took when we tried out the food!

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