Neighbours and Flavours- Crepe Street at the Scarborough Food Truck Festival

The last thing we think about when we are Downtown Toronto at Nathan Phillips Square, is that the Food Truck Man giving you your hot dog has a touching motivational story that drove him to the spot he now serves you your favourite food.

Truth is, he probably does. All food trucks have found meaning behind what they do and why they do it. They want to share what they love with their communities.

Our club set out to speak with Crepe Street; a food truck that will be featured at our upcoming Food Truck Festival. They of course serve, Crepes.

The owners of Crepe Street, Axel and Devin, had a vision that derived from the traditional dish being served for years and years in France. Crepes gave French history an original twist and flavour. It allowed community members learn about who they were and where they came from.

The two met in Australia, a place in which was foreign to both. When Axel and Devin travelled here to Toronto, Axel wheeled Devin into understanding the beauty in French Crepes and the lack of creativity in Crepes for the few places that did carry them. They decided to create a food truck serving 3 different sizes of crepes in order to share this art with as many people as possible.

The most beautiful part about Crepe Street is their dedication to learning the technique. It took Axel 6 months of being taught in France and 4 months of practice in Toronto before the final product could be served to perfection and quality. Learning about Crepes back in France was important to him because he wanted to bring the culture to Toronto in its truest form.

Devin and Axel pride their efforts in working to be apart of many communities as possible. They are not only able bring people together, but also be apart of so many new communities and cultures. Their food truck has taken them to communities such as Yorkville as well as Video Game Competition Downtown Toronto, and weddings all over the city. The Crepe Street Food Truck allows the two to venture off.

When we asked Axel and Devin about the most important aspects of running Crepe Street, he said they have used their creative cap to “combine multiple different culture’s into one, and what better way to do that than through food?” They have taken what they have seen from other communities forming a melting pot in which they have created their own their recipes and flavours. They carry very savory as well as sweet flavours. Best part about it, is it can be held in your hand.

Although they had to spend a great deal of time learning the logistics and proper food safety including constant prep and planning prior to an event, running the food truck has been nothing short of a fun learning experience.

Make sure you check out their menu before the Food Truck Festival coming this June 8th!

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