The Boys & Girls Club of East Scarborough is a proud HIGH-FIVE accredited organization.

HIGH FIVE® training provides participants with nationally recognized certification that will assist them in working with children’s programs in the sport and recreation industry. Several municipalities, non for profit organizations and service providers either require or recommend HIGH FIVE certification for employment.

Our Commitment to HIGH FIVE

  • Registered HIGH FIVE Organization since 2001
  • HIGH FIVE accredited organization since 2009
  • 637 staff trained since 2000 in Principals of healthy child development
  • 5 staff trained in HIGH FIVE sport
  • 218 program assessments completed to date
  • 2 on site HIGH FIVE trainers
  • 94 % of current staff are trained in principals of healthy child development

The Boys & Girls Club of East Scarborough serves as a benchmark for excellence in children’s programming, focused on healthy child development and offering the highest recognized levels of quality and safety.

For more about HIGH-FIVE, please check out our About page or visit the HIGH-FIVE website.