Summer Volunteer Opportunities!

Our Scarborough East Ontario Early Years Centre is looking for Summer Volunteers! Check out the listing below & contact us at!


Program 1

Volunteers Needed to:

Assist with gross motor programs (Wednesday mornings)

  • Program set-up (e.g. setting up game stations, free play area etc.)
  • Aid facilitator in facilitating large and mini games

Program clean-up (e.g. collecting and loading toys to staff vehicle)


Length of Commitment: 

2-3 months (June 21 – August 9)


Program 2

Volunteer Needed To:

Assist with music programs (Tuesdays and/or Fridays):

  • Program set-up (e.g. collecting music props, laying out mats and rearranging furniture)
  • Aid facilitator in distributing music props and performing nursery rhymes and songs

Program clean-up (e.g. sanitation of mats and music props, rearranging program room)


Length of Commitment:

Music Makers – 3 months (June – August 2017)

Baby Music – 4 months (May – August 2017)



Program 3

Volunteers Needed To:

Assist with cooking program (Tuesday afternoons):

  • Program set-up (e.g. collecting ingredients, cookware and utensils, and setting up program room)
  • Aid facilitator in distributing ingredients and cooking

Program clean-up (e.g. sanitation of tables and chairs, sweeping floor, washing dishes


Length of Commitment: 2-3 months (June 20 – August 8)



Interested? Contact us at!

2 thoughts on “Summer Volunteer Opportunities!

  1. Please let me know ify daughter rachel rao 13yrs can volu teer she is very good with children and has babysitting certificate and she can help july august please call us at 647-678-1441please

    1. Hi;
      Sorry for the late reply, volunteers have to be 16 years of age before they can volunteer with us. For your information, we have a Leaders In Training program that operates in the summer (July & Aug). She may be interested to register for that program next summere.

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