THANK YOU! Scarborough Food Truck Festival 2017

We’d like to take a moment to say THANK YOU for the overwhelming support we received for the 2017 Scarborough Food Truck Festival! We could not have done it without our staff, volunteers and community partners.

Feel free to check out Scarborough Food Truck Festival on Facebook for some recently uploaded pictures!

Once again, thank you for your continued support of what we do here at the Boys & Girls Club of East Scarborough. We hope to see you again next year. Until then, feel free to join us anytime at the Club for any of our many programs & services!



9 thoughts on “THANK YOU! Scarborough Food Truck Festival 2017

  1. i have a greek restaurant called the greek grill, and in a few a weeks i am picking up my new food truck, i ws wondering if i can take place in this years scarborough food truck festival,

    1. Hi Dimitri;
      Not sure if we will be hosting another Food Truck Festival next summer, however, keep an eye on our web site next Feb- May for the call for food trucks.
      Thank you for your interest! hope your truck is doing well.

  2. Perhaps this year you could make it easier for the general public to attend. I attended last year but was unable to purchase food from many of the Food Trucks as was told I had to pre-purchase the tickets ahead of the event time. There was no one there on event day to sell tickets. Most of the food trucks would not accept cash. Left very disappointed.
    Suggest you at least have someone there to sell tickets on event day for Food Trucks and perhaps any other ticketed events for the little ones.

    1. Hi Susan – Thanks for your note! Last year’s festival was not run on a pre-purchased ticket system, and food trucks actually only accepted cash in most cases. This will be the situation again, with all food trucks taking cash per purchase.

      We really hope that this year’s set-up will leave you full & satisfied!

  3. Hello organizers

    the location of the trucks is not clear to peiople reading the Facebook and yous poster( the directions are in a darened section of the poster.

    Could you please put the address and a location map on your Facebook page

    1. Hi Katie – The address of the festival is listed in the About section, as well as on all of our creative. However, we’ve just posted a note on FB to make it clear for everyone! We obviously want you to be able to get there! Thanks for the catch.

    1. Hi there! While each truck has a variety of menu items, unfortunately there isn’t one specific dedicated truck that has vegetarian/vegan options. We tried this year but with no luck and it’s something we’re hoping to have for next year’s festival.

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