Hairs the Future Program

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Hairs the Future is a pre-employment training program that support youth in developing skills in barbering and hair styling. This program will provide youth living in the Neighborhood Improvement Areas of West Hill (Kingston Road/Galloway, Danzig Street & Mornelle) with hands on experience in barbering and hair styling while developing their ability to network, create community linkages, explore employment/career opportunities and obtain a placement. Youth will receive a take home kit at the end of the program.

Hairs the Future will provide youth with the opportunity to gain, through various workshops, guest speakers, training, and placement, access to resources, develop tangible skills, learn the importance of collaboration, establish distinct artistry, and have the proper tools to prepare for the future.

Skills Acquired

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Location: Heron Park Community Recreation Centre
Date and Time: Starts October 20th, 2015. Every Tuesday from 5pm – 7pm. 12 week program.
Ages: 14+
Contact: Alisha Slater, (416) 281-0262, ext. 237
Limited spots, email Alisha to register.