Training & Development

At the club our goal is assist youth in being prepared for the workforce. We accomplish this by creating engaging and meaningful programming that looks at job application and retention, career discovery and specific skills. There are programs that link youth with mentors in their interested career field, who provide them with training and hands on experience.



The Learn2Cook program is a great opportunity for children & youth to learn how to prepare and enjoy healthy recipes in a fun and inviting kitchen atmosphere. Participants will learn life skills allowing them to take increased responsibility for their health and well-being. The program gives participants a chance to gain confidence in their ability to produce tasty and healthy meals.

The program introduces children to healthy eating in a practical setting that encourages skill development. The cooking experience will help children:

  • Identify and select healthy foods
  • Understand how to prepare foods using good sanitary practices
  • Prevent injury in the kitchen
  • Learn basic food preparation skills



Skilled4Success aims are to provide a path for youth that links them beyond learning, but having them apply their skills to a physical position or interview at the end of the 10-12 week session. With this aim we seek networks as a team that can work together on the behalf of the youth for their growth and success.

UPS Road Code


UPS Road Code teaches safe driving techniques to teens. The program focuses on different safety principles, from basic instruction to the consequences of risky behaviors such as talking on cell phones, texting or drinking while driving. Teens practice what they’ve learned on driving simulators, which feature a computer screen that serves as a windshield to the program’s interactive animation, a steering wheel and life-like gas and brake pedals.