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This program looks to educate and inspire female youth on what it means to be physically literate, the different ways in being able to do so, and the benefits of it. The program also exposes the youth to different types of sport, play and recreation and aims at educating them on different entry points of organized sport. Youth involved in this program will be provided a nutritious meal at the end of every program that promotes the importance of healthy eating. Please dress comfortably and wear athletic (running) shoes. For additional information and session schedules visit our Facebook page at

Skills Acquired

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Location: ESBGC, 100 Galloway Rd., Multipurpose Room
Date and Time: Thursdays from 6pm – 8pm
Ages: 13 – 18
Dress code: dress comfortably and wear athletic shows
Contact: Faiven Ghirmai (416) 281 – 0262 Ext.280

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