Sports & Recreation

We endeavor to affect change in the minds and lives of young people by providing outlets for growth and development through sports and recreation programs that encourage active healthy living. The intention of these programs is to develop responsible, disciplined active community members. Programs will focus on various traditional and non-traditional sports, assisting youth to develop a long lasting love for sports and recreation. Youth will participate in various sports and recreation opportunities that challenge them, while also developing their mental and physical skills. Our goal is to encourage, engage and empower youth to live an active life through sports and recreation, while becoming positive and effective leaders.

Basketball Training, Skill Development


Basketball Training and Skill Development is a co-ed program designed to improve total fitness, basketball comprehension, and overall confidence.

Drop-in Basketball (Runs)


This drop-in basketball program is for people of all skill levels who love to play ball in a competitive environment. If you love playing ball, come on out.

Drop-in Soccer


Drop-in indoor soccer is an inclusive co-ed program for anyone who enjoys playing soccer and staying fit. No judgment, no restrictions, just love of the beautiful game.

Keep on Moving


This program educates and inspires female youth on what it means to be physically literate by exposing them to different types of sport, play and recreation.

Chill Snowboard


This is a program for youth who are interested in improving their personal health and physical fitness through training one-on-one or in small groups.

Chill’s core youth development program revolves around a six-week curriculum that uses snowboarding to teach life skills and increase self-esteem in  youth between the ages of 10-18.