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The Cyber-Seniors program creates opportunities for high school students to collect their required volunteer hours by mentoring senior citizens on basic computer and online skills at Extendicare. Throughout the program youth will pass on their computer knowledge to seniors and teach them skills that allow them to learn how to carry out functions such as email, Facebook, Google, YouTube and other applications that are of interest to them. The aim is also to bridge the gap between youth and seniors in the Scarborough community, while providing youth with a fun and engaging volunteer experience. The youth will be provided with transportation to and from the facility and will receive 20+ volunteer hours.

Skills Acquired

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Location:  ESBGC and Extendicare Scarborough
Age: 14-18
Program dates/times: Mondays from 6:00pm to 8:00pm
Contact: Chelsea Stoklas, (416) 281-0262 Ext. 230