Our leadership programming exists with the intention of building young leaders who have a powerful voice and the necessary skills to make a difference in their community. There is a mix of youth dictated programming, hands on experience and volunteer opportunities in the community. Our leadership programs are committed to encouraging and enhancing youth leadership skills, focusing on the development of teamwork, problem solving skills, goal setting, volunteerism and independence.



Insight is an intergenerational program designed to foster meaningful relationships between generations while encouraging mentorship, collaboration and community volunteerism. The participants will be given the opportunity to not only share their experiences and unique talents, but strengthen their communication skills by learning how to overcome barriers such as language differences, hearing and memory loss. Insight then, strives to develop and promote interactive programming that addresses generational isolation, placing emphasis on building intentional and meaningful connections through the delivery of mutually beneficial activities and the sharing of participants knowledge.

Youth Council


Youth Council is a program designed to give the youth a voice in the decision making process within our community. The youth council consists of a dynamic group of young individuals representing the East Scarborough region. Those apart of youth council will address current issues that youth are facing by acting as ambassadors and role models for the club and its members. The youth involved will be given the chance to assist in programming planning and attend provincial and national boys’ and girls’ club events, youth conferences and other trips advocating for the youth within the area.



BeyondThe40 is volunteerism program for youth. It aims to increase awareness, provide authentic experiences and develop an understanding of the benefits of volunteering. The program  seeks to encourage youth go beyond the mandatory 40 hours believing that youth are powerful agents of change within their local and global community, instilling a desire and passion for life long volunteerism.

BeyondThe40 strives to accomplish three key tasks:

  • Provide Authentic Volunteer Experiences: participants to develop transferable skills through meaningful and authentic volunteer opportunities.
  • Increase Awareness: increase awareness and develop an understanding of the benefits of volunteerism, thereby creating an interest and desire to volunteer.
  • Go BeyondThe40: encourage and support youth in going beyond the 40 hours of volunteer as is currently mandated becoming lifelong volunteers.

LIT (Leaders in Training)


The Leaders in Training Program assists with self-expression, communication and strong interpersonal skills while encouraging development through facilitated workshops consisting of social/life skills, pre-employment, service learning and job shadowing. L.I.T. targets youth ages 13-15, providing them the opportunity for leadership and career development.