The aim of our empowerment programs is to encourage, support and empower youth as they embark on their journey of identifying themselves and their role within our community. The different programs offer youth a safe, inclusive and non-judgmental space to engage in open discussions regarding complex topics that youth are facing. Various activities, guest speakers and community outings will be organized in order to promote leadership, growth, and positive self-image within the programs.

Girls Program (Thrive & Essence)


Thrive & Essence are girls mentorship programs at the Boys and Girls Club of East Scarborough that engages youth aged 11-18 in relevant group discussions that strive to equip young girls with the ability to consciously make safe and healthy choices when faced with everyday issues such as peer pressure, anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem. The groups will be exploring what it means to be a young girl and a young woman, while navigating through the various influences that affect one’s ability to truly embrace, accept and walk in positive self-worth.

Girls Program (Journey)


Journey: Love Thy self is a mini-series program aimed at empowering young women who are transitioning into early adulthood. The overall mission of this program is to inspire, support, mentor and guide young women on their journey of what it means to truly love thy self. This will be done by identifying and exploring some of their daily challenges that encumber itself throughout ones journey. Through collaborative open discussion, program members will engage in the exploration of various topics such as body image, healthy relationships, peer and societal pressure, and the influential role of mass media. The hope is that members of this program will gain a greater understanding of their role within our community and become a positive catalyst for change.