Creative Arts

The creative arts programming offers youth the opportunity to discover their artistic self and become innovative thinkers. Programs are intended for those who share a specialized interest in redefining their skills in writing, poetry, fine art, and music. We also provide youth with a forum to positively express themselves in a meaningful way. The hope is that youth involved will be given the chance to increase their self-confidence, self-esteem and critical thinking skills through different forms of art. Youth will also have the opportunity to create original pieces and share them directly with the community.

The Lunch Room


In school, lunch time is the time that all students look forward to. They get to forget about work for a bit, gather with their friends, relax, be silly and most of all be themselves. We decided to call our studio space ‘The Lunch Room’ because we feel it reflects what a lunch room is in a school; a place for youth to come in, unwind, be themselves and most importantly, be creative and live loud. We are committed to providing quality sound to all looking to record, mix, or produce.

Mural Art


Since 2013, ESBGC and Street Art have partnered with Artist Amir Akbari from Behind the Line to create a series of vibrant and unique murals in the east Scarborough Community.  This yearly summer project supports youth in their creative and artistic development as they learn key skills related to painting and designing public murals.  This project is ideal for any inspiring artists or anyone with a passion to beautify their community.