Youth & Community Outreach Services

The Youth Programs at the Boys & Girls Club of East Scarborough integrate a combination of approaches involving prevention, intervention, and positive youth development. The program embraces a holistic approach to provide an environment that provides youth with a creative outlet and an opportunity to develop positive interaction & relationship building with their peers.

The purposes of our programs are to provide opportunities for youth to participate in activities that promote healthy life-styles, create conditions for youth to experience success, to maximize their full potentials through life skills, leadership development and civic responsibilities. The programs run from Monday to Friday from 3:30pm-8pm as well as on weekends for special events and field trips.

Programs & Services

Youth Outreach Services


This program is funded by Ontario’s Ministry of Children & Youth Services, a part of the province-wide Youth Outreach initiative.  This service model is predicated on creating opportunities for prevention and early intervention with respect to youth violence.

Youth Outreach Workers (YOW) are tasked with being the resource contact point for marginalized youth (ages 12 – 21) who have not been successfully engaged with school or community organizations. YOWs mentor, guide and connect youth with services by building relationships with them in their neighbourhood.

Program Goals:

  1. Engaging youth in order to identify their needs, strengths and interests;
  2. Connecting youth to a full continuum of prevention, early intervention and diversion resources such as employment, education, health/mental health, social/recreation, restorative justice and other services;
  3. Working with community resources to create youth development opportunities, identify and address access barriers;
  4. Engaging youth and their families with their communities.

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