Special Needs Services

The Special Needs Consultation & Coordination Program of the Boys & Girls Club of East Scarborough supports the delivery of quality child care service to young children regardless of their exceptionality.  A multi-focus approach is used by the Consultant to provide service which may include; assisting the parent in obtaining services and resources specific to their child’s needs, developing partnerships between the parent and child care program in supporting the needs of the child and supporting the child care program staff through ongoing consultation.


Services of the Special Needs Consultation & Coordination Program are FREE as they are funded by Toronto Children’s Services as part of their Every Child Belongs model and the Ministry of Education.


The Special Needs Consultation & Coordination Program serves child care programs, as designated by Toronto Children’s Services, largely in the area of Galloway, the Guild and Scarborough Village.


Referrals are accepted from licensed child care programs with signed parental consent.  To make a referral, or for other information, please contact the Manager of Special Needs Services at 416-281-0262 ext. 203 / rlister@esbgc.ca or the Special Needs Consultant at 416-281-0262 ext. 204 / sbrown@esbgc.ca.


The Boys & Girls Club of East Scarborough is proud to collaborate with partner community agencies to develop and deliver community-based training (see listings in City-Wide Training Calendar) and the Keeping In Touch Newsletter.

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This is a collaborative program for families with children of various developmental and/or special needs. Families and children will have the opportunity to interact in a safe and friendly environment.  Open gym time and guest speaker sessions make up the monthly activities.  To learn more about this program, please contact the Inclusion Facilitator at 416-282-7284, 416-735-6066 or apettigrew@esbgc.ca.

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