Toddler Programs (13 – 30 months/1.1 – 2.6 years)

The toddler programs at the Ontario Early Years Centres/Family Resource Programs, provide opportunities for families to engage, bond and better understand their toddlers development. The programs focus on developing fine & gross motor skills, sharing & turn taking, pre-writing skills and much more. As children are entering school at the age of 3 years 8 months, some of our toddler programs are independent to support separation and school readiness.

  • Social Development
  • Physical Development
  • Language Development
  • Emotional Development

Toddler Programs

Toddler drop in programs happen at various times during the day and the week. This a time for parent/caregiver to spend quality time with their toddler, participating in a variety of activities and bonding with each other.

Registered programs are generally independent programs, meaning the child attends the program without their parent/caregiver.  The program can be up to 8 sessions. Generally the program will be 45 – 1 hour in length and will incorporate a variety of skill building activities.

There are some programs which are interactive, meaning adult and child participate together.  The idea is that the adult will facilitate the learning activity, while the early years staff role models and gives instructions for the various activities.

Skills Aquired

  • Play alongside their peers
  • Pre-math skills
  • Develop support networks