Pre-school Drop In

Pre-school drop in programs happen at various times during the day and the week. These programs do not require registration and participants are free to choose which programs they come to and for how long. Generally the Drop In programs for pre-schoolers are one (1) one hour to (1.5) one and half hours long minutes long. They will incorporate a variety of materials and activities for the children. Parents/caregivers must attend with their pre-schooler and are encouraged to be active and engaged with their child(ren).

Skills Acquired

  • Play with their peers


  • Expand vocabulary and engage in a variety of language activities


  • Begin to independently resolve conflict
  • Demonstrate age appropriate gross motor skills


  • Awareness of people, places and things


  • Develop support networks with other caregivers/parents
  • Use appropriate words to communicate


  • Better understanding of child development